In a fast-paced, noisy world, oases of silence and tranquility are a must for the health of the soul, and yet, in a city, they are often stubbornly elusive, or locked up until Sunday morning. Here’s a little secret: if you’re heading down Wisconsin Avenue, you can find a perfect spiritual haven at the Schoesnstatt chapel (5310 Wisconsin Avenue, to be exact). If you’re driving fast, you might cruise right past it. These quaint chapels dot the globe, and we are really fortunate to have a couple in south-eastern Wisconsin.  The architecture of these chapels is taken right out of the bucolic Bavarian countryside. They are very intimate spaces, perfectly suited for silent prayer. A beautiful altar and reredos, carved out of wood, dominate the tiny sanctuary.

20130413_120901During the daytime hours, it’s not uncommon to enter this sacred space and find the Blessed Sacrament exposed for adoration. In the summer months, the windows are opened, allowing a warm breeze to pass through the chapel, as birds chirp away just outside.

Whether for an hour or just a quick “hello,” I’ve been popping into this chapel for some time now, and one thing I love about it is its location. It’s perfectly situated for the on-the-go Catholic. Sometimes we simply gotta put on the breaks, take a detour from our frenetic day, and hit the pause button. The Schoenstatt chapel gives you just that opportunity.


So whether it’s for five minutes or for an hour, a visit to this chapel is a must for the busy Catholic in Milwaukee.