Detail of Communion rail at the Basilica of Saint Josaphat

Detail of Communion rail at the Basilica of Saint Josaphat

The presence of Christ’s true body and blood in this Sacrament cannot be detected by sense, nor understanding, but by faith alone, which rests upon divine authority… Doubt not whether this be true; but take rather the Savior’s word with Faith.

This Sacrament of the Faith also inspires hope and increases charity. It is the central pillar of the Church, the consolation of the dead, and the contemplation of Christ’s Mystical Body. By these sacred species we recognize the tree of life.

Lowliness, we know, is pleasing to God and it was extolled by Christ; and surely in this Sacrament He preaches by example of an unrivaled lowliness, which disdains no dwelling, but consents to come as a guest to any, even a defiled heart.

This Sacrament foreshadows the Divine fruition, which shall come to pass in Heaven… and in this respect, it is called Eucharist, that is, good grace, because the grace of God is everlasting (Rom. 6:23); or because it really contains Christ, Who is full of grace.

This Sacrament restores vigor to the weak, health to the sick; it gives increase in virtue, makes grace abound, purges away vices, refreshes the soul, renews the life of the ailing, knits together all the faithful in the union of charity.

By Baptism a man is ordained to the Eucharist, and therefore from the fact of children being baptized, they are destined by the Church to the Eucharist; and just as they believe through the Church’s faith, so they desire the Eucharist through the Church’s intention. ~Saint Thomas Aquinas