There’s a famous old song that starts with “What do they do on a rainy night in Rio?” If the song were about our town, at this time of year, it would go something like, “What do they do on a sub-zero night in Milwaukee?” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured a helpful article, 10 Ways to Warm Up This Weekend in Milwaukee, to answer just that question.

When the weather outside is frightful — and, boy, has it been this week — finding solace in a warm, tropical state of mind is almost as comforting as the real thing. (Not to say a spontaneous holiday in the Caribbean wouldn’t be welcomed.)

But contrary to the biting temperatures outside, Milwaukee is filled with activities, movies and drinkeries that are sure to complement your effort to beat the cold. (Note: This list does mention alcoholic drinks, which may make you feel warmer in part because booze dilates blood vessels. Warm up responsibly, folks.)

Read on, as some of the suggestions are intriguing. Does anyone have other recommendations?