Milwaukee Auxiliary Bishop Donald Hying wrote an outstanding article in defense of marriage in response to a federal judge’s decision last week to strike down Wisconsin’s pro-marriage amendment to the state constitution. In his intellectually persuasive and compassionate piece, Bishop Hying relies heavily on an excellent and scholarly book entitled, “What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense”. Here’s an excerpt from the bishop’s article.

Due to a multitude of reasons, including the sexual revolution, the contraceptive pill, the sky-rocketing divorce rate, the legalization of abortion and changing social norms, the intimate and logical connection between sexuality, marriage and the rearing of children came apart in recent decades. With easy access to contraception and abortion, people started viewing sexual relations as a pleasurable recreation, not a consummation of a marital love open to new life. Sex outside marriage has become the new norm; those who do not indulge in it are considered odd. With no-fault divorce, couples can as easily and readily end their marriage as they began it. Children have become an intentional choice, not a logical fruit of marriage. So now, we have sex without marriage and marriages planned without children.

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