Hungry for breakfast or lunch? Tired of the same old greasy spoon fallbacks? Well, I recently struck gold on Milwaukee’s East Side. Located on 1007 North Cass Street and tucked inside The Plaza Hotel is The Café at the Plaza. Its fashionable location and elegant building give this morning and afternoon diner an intimate, classy gloss, while the restaurant’s interior has an unmistakable, 1950s Americana feel to it. You can easily imagine Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz taking their coffee and eggs at the counter as they scheme to get into Ricky’s show at the Tropicana. But we’re not finished. This retro diner opens up to a beautiful, long courtyard that has the echo of an Italian trattoria. Enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by lush flowers and the soaring, red brick walls of The Plaza Hotel & Cafe. The reasonably priced menu blends your staple American breakfast fare with a touch of elegance. I ordered the crab cake Eggs Benedict, which was out of this world. And I cannot leave out the coffee, which was excellent. Oh yeah, the Mimosa wasn’t bad either.

Pay this place a visit.