A sister in our community who comes from the island of Saint Lucia in the Lesser Antilles devised this meditation on what it takes to live a happy religious life. She wrote it in the form of a recipe. Her time in the kitchen, chapel and classroom come together in this culinary poem.


Add 1 tsp. prayer, constantly

Apply 1 cup acceptance, willingly

Spread 3 tbs. love, thoroughly

Sprinkle 4 tsp. humility, gradually

Stir in 1 oz. sharing, truthfully

Whisk in 3 tbs. compassion, gently

Pour in 1 cup forgiveness, continually

Blend in 1/4 cup unity, fraternally

Sieve in 3 tsp. listening, trustfully

Add prayer constantly in all circumstances.

Apply acceptance to cut down the acid of rejection.

Spread love thoroughly to all and for all.

Sprinkle humility gradually until selfishness and ego dissolves.

Stir in sharing truthfully until there is no more injustice and growth rises.

Whisk in compassion gently when anger gets overheated.

Pour in forgiveness continually to soften hearts when hard.

Blend in fraternal unity to bring individual pieces together.

Sieve in listening trustfully, to cool down frustration and discord

Mix all ingredients together in the bowl of community. Bake in the heart at 365 degrees for 24 hours daily, year after year. Serve to your brothers and sisters with joy, ungrudgingly and in generous portions.

Composed by Sister Mary Margaret F., edited by EMR