This afternoon, I visited Big Head Brewing Co. on State Street in Wauwatosa. Having driven by the place a thousand times, I finally decided to check it out. A confession of sorts: unlike my friend who met me there, I’m not a beer connoisseur by any stretch (understatement and mea culpa). But the brewery is only about five minutes from my house and I like to support local businesses. All I can say is, it was a great time. Check it out if you’re in the area. I loved its simplicity, and the drinks (I had a cider and Hefeweizen) and service were excellent. Locals clearly love it. As we were leaving, a large group was arriving for a party, and no doubt to watch Wisconsin play Arizona. So stop in, get some popcorn, play a little shuffleboard, toss the beanbags and unwind after a long week. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, Milwaukee style.