Adam and Eve, the Fall

Adam and Eve, the Fall

I’ve been reading a book by Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D. called Integrity Restored on the ubiquity of porn in our culture, and I’d like you to consider for a moment how harmful and destructive this plague has become in our day. Here are some statistics gleaned from his fascinating study and Family Safe Media as of 2010:

– 68 million daily search engine requests on Google for pornography.

– Percentage of 8-16 year-olds who have viewed porn online: 90%.

– Percentage of 15-17 year-olds who have had multiple exposures to hardcore porn: 80%.

– Adults in the United States who regularly view Internet pornography: 40 million.

A Catholic British exorcist admitted in an interview with Breitbart that part of the reason for the sharp rise in demonic possession today is due to “the rise in the consumption of pornography.” This made sense to me, considering the many conversations I’ve had with exorcist priests in Milwaukee who’ve told me that the purveyors of Internet pornography will actually curse the sites where they film or produce pornography specifically in order to enslave viewers to their websites. So, think that demonic possession is something exclusive to the Old and New Testaments? Think again.

Which leads to an interesting question: When was the last time you heard a priest in Milwaukee preach from the pulpit about this plague?