Jacqueline Kennedy leaves St. Francis Xavier Church after attending mass in Hyannis, Mass., on August 27, 1961. Mrs. Kennedy is wearing a salmon colored sheath dress, a white kerchief scarf and beige shoes. (AP Photo/WS)

C’mon ladies – we do all want to be called ladies, right? Let’s get a hold of this whole fashion thing while in church. I’m sure your momma taught you right. There is such a thing as appropriate clothing to wear to church. A lady should care greatly about what she chooses to wear because it reflects her dignity as a daughter of God.

There are two extremes I see far too often while attending Mass. The fabulous fashionista who lets just a little too much show – I’m talkin’ to you, girl, wearing leggings as pants, and to you, girl, with that sheer top. Bras in clear view while we are trying to concentrate and pray? No thank you. If it’s distracting to me, and I’m a straight woman, only God knows how many poor guys are trying to keep their eyes (and minds) fixed on what’s important. Trust me, I know leggings, sheer, leather and cropped tops are in this season, but they certainly have no place at Mass. You shouldn’t even need your momma to tell you that.

And then there’s the opposite of the fashion floozies: the women who no longer care. They don’t even care enough to brush their hair. To the baggy sweatpant wearing college kid, you might be busy with school or possibly just pulled an all-nighter, but we’re adults here. Exams don’t give you a free pass to look like you should be in bed. Life only gets more intense as you age, so start dressing the part. And to the mother who is in-between sizes, short on time, sleep and money, you only need one outfit that flatters you. I know firsthand how hard it can be to get your kids dressed, fed and out the door on time for Mass. We always put ourselves last, but a little strategic makeup to wake up the face, a simple elegant bun, and a clean “go to” dress is all it takes.

A woman does not have to shun all fashion from this decade to be modest and virtuous. Hey you, woman wearing the purple scrunchie in her hair with the flowing, floor skimming dress that looks like you came from the Renaissance Fair! Enough already with your whimsical dress up days. Hey, I’ll even burn those for you.

Finally, I’m a firm believer that fashion should meet function. If it’s thirty below, a short mini with bare legs is not only ridiculous, it’s lunacy.

“It doesn’t matter what Mrs. Smith thinks, we are getting dressed up for Jesus so show your best self.” – My Momma

See you at Mass!