I’m afraid we don’t have large, sir. We have piccolo, macho, mucho or mucho-macho.

There’s a memorable episode of Frasier in which Frasier Crane and his brother Niles are expelled from their favorite hangout, Cafe Nervosa, for protesting a new, loud musician who disrupts the typical serenity of the cafe with his cacophonous music. Frasier, rather unsuccessfully, attempts to find coffee happiness elsewhere in Seattle. One cafe has beanbags instead of regular chairs, and Frasier awkwardly tries to accommodate himself in one. Another is staffed with very snooty twenty-somethings who are no mood to kibitz with the loquacious radio personality. He soon learns that nothing is quite like his old faithful, Cafe Nervosa.

We have our favorite spots for coffee, but sometimes it can actually be worth it to try out a new place. Anodyne has a great location in the Fifth Ward. It’s another one of those old cream city brick warehouses that’s been put to good use in 2015. Milwaukee bands perform here in the evenings and during the day, locals come to get some work done or to relax with friends.