Have you recently watched Gone with the Wind and feel like tapping into something oh, so Southern? But where to go here in Milwaukee? Well, rest assured, there is a place to go. Maxie’s deserves a more in-depth post and I hope to get around to it one of these days, but for now a simple plug will have to suffice. If you’re a fan of traditional Southern cooking, this is the place to be in Milwaukee. It has one of the coolest atmospheres in the city. Just look at the pictures! The large dining room and bar upstairs are as impressive as the first floor. Everything on the menu is, quite simply, excellent. The folks in the kitchen are clearly master chefs who know what they’re doing. They don’t mess around. The diverse menu offers you a culinary trip across Dixie. The dishes are perfect in terms of quality and presentation. Bring your appetite because the portions are enormous. This is the South, after all.


Some quick recommendations: the Crab Cake Platter (served with Cajun Mayo), Shrimp and Grits, North Carolina Pulled Pork and Jambalaya are all on my favorites list. Or go ahead and order a dozen raw oysters with that Mojito. Sprinkle on some lemon juice and dive in! There’s all the corn bread you can eat. I usually don’t even really like corn bread, but they get it right here because I can’t get enough of it. The sweet tea is refreshing, but if you really want to get Southern, the top-notch bartenders can serve up a Bourbon Sour or traditional Mint Julep in no time. Any other recommendations?

Go to Maxie’s. You’ll love the food and have a great time. If you don’t, well then, fiddle dee dee.