A web of scaffolding has returned to Saint Stanislaus. By now it’s a familiar site, as we’ve witnessed the extensive interior restoration work that’s been going on for several years. The last time we saw it here was last summer, when the sanctuary was painted and embellished. Now it’s the nave’s turn for some Conrad Schmitt Studios attention. Blue highlights will enrich the elaborate ceiling, with its numerous art deco depictions of Mary and angels, to match the new detailing of the sanctuary. The walls will also be given some fresh color, ending the long reign of inconspicuous, detail-killing beige.

Angels and Workers

I recently learned that the slightly elevated section of the walls framing the stations of the cross, long ago covered in (surprise) beige, are not of plaster or concrete, but white marble set to match the sanctuary walls. Imagine painting over white marble! It was the ’60s after all, an era that experienced many bizarre cultural flare-ups. (Furniture was covered with plastic slips, so why not cover marble with paint?) Thankfully, workers from Conrad Schmitt Studios are hard at work, peeling back the layers of old paint to let the marble shine once again.

In the coming days, more scaffolding will fill the nave and remain there until July or so. Also, a new rose window will be installed above the organ.Stay tuned.