Today, the feast of Saint Patrick, Mass in the extraordinary form was offered at Saint Patrick’s, located on Milwaukee’s South Side. It’s always special to celebrate Mass at a parish on its patronal feast day. About fifty people were on hand on this cold, damp Friday afternoon (not bad for a weekday Mass). Gregorian chant and incense filled the interior of this old Cream City brick church. It was a memorable experience. Most likely, it was the first time in about half a century that the historic parish, built in 1876, witnessed the ancient Roman rite, for which its beautiful high altar was obviously designed.

Thanks to Saint Patrick’s for the hospitality.

Canon Jayr, from Saint Stanislaus Oratory a few blocks away, offered the Mass.

For Communion, the faithful kneeled at the beautiful altar rail.

At the back of the church, I noticed sections from the original altar rail.

What craftsmanship!