Mix one part bottle shop, one part lounge, and one part wine and beer garden. Stir together with excellent service from our team, and you’ve got Three Cellars!

Welcome to the Alternative! These words are an invitation to enjoy a unique experience found in the Milwaukee area. Three Cellars has filled a void that many didn’t even realize existed. While there are two locations, this one in Menomonee Falls that I write about is celebrating its one year anniversary. The original location in the Franklin/Oak Creek area has been open for over ten years. The concept has adapted and evolved to accommodate the person seeking a different experience than the typical bar scene.

Three Cellars in Menomonee Falls will celebrate its one year anniversary on April 22, 2017! It is astounding to realize that an entire year has passed since the grand opening of this Three Cellars. For the uninitiated, Three Cellars is a new concept wine and beer gathering place that is changing the way wine and beer is marketed to the general public by what it does, and in some ways, by what it does not do. For starters, it does not have televisions in the establishment. Instead, Three Cellars offers a place for those people who want to carry on conversations and socialize in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere without the distractions of the latest ball game on. No one under 21 is allowed after 6:00 pm. You will find books on beer and wine to peruse as well as card games available to share in the old fashioned pastime of socializing with friends while enjoying your libations.

Here is my review from the Three Cellars’ grand opening one year ago.

Three Cellars remains true to its roots in that it continues to offer outstanding artisanal wines and craft beers to its customers. From hopped up IPAs to Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts, from delicate whites to full-bodied Malbecs and Cabs, the selections on tap, by the glass, or by the bottle for both wines and beer will vary by the week, and its retail store options carry unique standards for beer and wines not found in most general liquor stores. Three Cellars also offers a “wine of the month” selection that is always a great deal. Its Saturday free beer and wine tasting remains very popular and is a great way to be introduced to different beer and wines that you would not ordinarily be willing to pay for without knowing if you liked it. I, for one, have come to know that I do not care for hoppy beer but do enjoy a nice light malty beer, and if I am feeling adventurous, I even like a bourbon barrel aged stout laced with coffee.

One of the newer aspects to the culture that Three Cellars offers is their partnership with Hidden Kitchen MKE offering “Food Truck Fridays” once a month. Professionally prepared food with locally sourced ingredients makes for a delightful addition to the experience at Three Cellars. I’ve attended several lively “Food Truck” Friday nights and have yet to be disappointed with the food offered. From savory lamb shanks to delicate fish selections, you will find a meal to pair with your beer or wine choices for the evening on these scheduled nights. Three Cellars is commemorating their one year anniversary on Saturday, April 22, 2017, by having Hidden Kitchen MKE on the premises beginning at Noon serving an extra special menu to be paired with special beers and wines tapped or by the glass from a bottle. As always, Three Cellars encourages you to bring in your own food or have it delivered on any day or evening that you are there.

When Three Cellars first opened it was only April so the outdoor patio was not yet ready. It opened in June of last summer and has been graced by patrons who want to soak up the sunshine and soft breezes that waft through while enjoying their beer or wine selections. Being in Wisconsin, we tend to migrate outdoors whenever the weather warms even a little bit. Add a glass of wine or a snifter of imperial stout and you have a perfect formula for a great afternoon or evening.

Up for a little therapy? How about Three Cellars Liquid Therapy specials which offer $2 off any full glass pour and are on Mondays through Wednesdays from 3 pm – 6pm and Thursdays from 6 pm – 8pm.

Saturdays are special days as Three Cellars holds a Free Wine and Beer Tasting from 1 pm – 4 pm. Here is your opportunity to try that challenging wine you shied away from, or like me discover that beer is enjoyable when you get to discover your palate’s desire without breaking the bank. Experimenting with beer and wine has never been as much fun. Gino and his staff are very knowledgeable and help unpack the complexities of wine and with the rise of craft beer being all the rage, the incredible opportunities for discovery are limitless.

Segue into a Saturday night where Three Cellars offers live music to showcase local groups ranging from jazz to old standards redone. Whether you come as a couple, a single, a small or large group, you will find that Three Cellars is a great place to enjoy artisanal wines, craft beers, coffee, or soda; and the option to bring in your own food for fun. Private or semi-private party opportunities are available. Joining the Wine or Beer Club will give you an insider’s view to a unique offering each month that is not generally available to the public in addition to a 10% discount. Three Cellars offers an astounding 13% full case discount for all customers whether single vintage or mixed case of wine.

There really is something for everyone at Three Cellars. Gino Gaglianello, the owner of Three Cellars in Menomonee Falls, has changed the face of going out in here. His encyclopedic knowledge of beer and wine is hard to match. Gino and his well trained staff greet the regulars as old friends, which we have become, and welcomes newcomers as friends in the making. The Franklin location recently moved to its new quarters in Oak Creek in the old Rafters Supper Club and can be found on the website. Having been named the 2016 Winner of Best Liquor, Beer and Wine Shops Award from Milwaukee City Voter is a testament to the impact Three Cellars has made on the community.

Address: Off Appleton Ave and Good Hope Road

N72 W13400 Lund Lane—Suite A

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051