In 1917, the world was undergoing one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, WWI. This War resulted in 41 million deaths by a type of warfare that mankind had never experienced before. It was during this time that Our Lady, in the most humble and merciful way, appeared to three shepherd children to provide a remedy for the evils in the world. Our Lady asked the children to pray the rosary daily, performs acts of penance and to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For months the three shepherd children faced speculation, humiliation and torture at the hands of their own neighbors. But even through suffering, they never stopped following Our Lady’s message. In response to that message, the miracles and the undying devotion of the three shepherd children, the Dominican Sisters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin constructed the Milwaukee Fatima Shrine in 1947.

The Milwaukee Fatima Shrine is a piece of tranquility among a bustling city, and one can find an opportune moment there to pray and reflect on Our Lady’s message. As you drive past the Shrine, it is usually very quiet with never more than a few people there at once. One can’t help but think that everyone has forgotten, or worse yet, does not know Our Lady’s message at Fatima.

WWI lasted four years and 41 million people died in that time frame. Between 2010-2014, a four year time frame, there was an estimated 56 million abortions that occurred worldwide. Mankind has killed the unborn at a higher rate than all the warfare during WWI. Our Lady came to us from Heaven as a gift from God to help save mankind from Hell during a time when the world was in upheaval. Exactly 100 years later, is our world any better?

Experience the peace and calm of the Milwaukee Fatima Shrine, and pray for the conversion of hearts.