Fall is, unequivocally, the most beautiful season of them all. Well, at least it is to me! I love the crisp air, the smell of crushed leaves and the quiet chill of the woods.

There are so many subtle signs that fall is coming, but what has always solidified its presence to me is the opening of apple picking season. Since I was a young boy, it has been a family tradition to drive out to the Elegant Farmer for apples, and for pumpkins when fall is sufficiently underway. I proposed to my wife in the fall, and the day following our engagement, I took my beautiful fiancé and her parents to the Elegant Farmer for pumpkins. That place has always been special to us.

This past weekend we continued the tradition and went to pick apples opening day at the Elegant Farmer with Cream City Catholic’s own Jake and his wife Heather. It was so fun for us all and we thought we would share that time with you hoping maybe your family will adopt a similar tradition. Enjoy!