Another stunning addition was made to the interior of Saint Stanislaus Oratory. A large stained-glass window depicting Saint Benedict is the latest in the series of new traditional windows in the historic church. In the sunlight it is simply breathtaking.

Some background: In the 1960s, the original windows of Saint Stanislaus were removed and replaced with modern windows. Now it’s the modern windows that are being replaced with windows more in line with the original ones. Talented artisans from Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. are overseeing the construction and installation of the elegant windows.

Let’s look at the newest addition.

Along with our beloved Saint Benedict, we see the abbey of Monte Cassino in the background. You might also be wondering about the raven near Benedict’s feet. It’s an interesting story.

The Story of St. Benedict and the raven. It is related by Saint Gregory the Great (+603) that in the wilderness Benedict fed a raven with a portion of his bread.

When a jealous and wicked priest tried to kill Benedict with poisoned bread, Benedict coached the raven to take the deadly bread to a place where it could not harm another. The raven complied.