Saint James the Greater Parish, just a few blocks from Saint Elizabeth in Kenosha, is experiencing its own rebirth. It was founded in 1844 by the Rev. Martin Kundig, the circuit-riding first Vicar General of the Archdiocese, for Irish immigrants and their families. Originally dedicated to ‎St Mark, the Archbishop, at the request of parishioners, changed the title in 1883 to St James, in honor of then-pastor Rev. James Cleary. The current church was built in 1883 in an English Gothic style.

Recently, repairs to the bell tower, which was struck by lightening in July, 2015,‎ were completed, the tower was painted, and new lighting installed around the exterior of the building and on the tower itself. It now shines again across Kenosha as a beacon calling all who see it to the worship of God and to the true Faith.

* Thanks to Dave Tomasiewicz for providing this information on Saint James Parish.




Beautiful marble high altar, flanked by Sts. Peter and Paul


Following Pope Benedict’s recommendation for the presence of a “liturgical east” at Mass, both Saint Elizabeth and Saint James have the Benedictine altar arrangement: six candles and a crucifix





La Virgen del Pilar, a popular devotion in Spain


Saint James the Greater