Good news! Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court  ruled in favor of Professor John McAdams in his long-running legal feud with Marquette University. According to Justice Daniel Kelly, who wrote for the majority,

The undisputed facts show that the University breached its contract with Dr. McAdams when it suspended him for engaging in activity protected by the contract’s guarantee of academic freedom.

This is a great day for those who favor freedom of speech and oppose the increasingly intolerant and authoritarian tendencies of the left. There’s been a signifiant pushback of late from the courts, of all places, when it comes to such bullying and silencing tactics. How sad that an allegedly Catholic institution of higher learning found itself (once again) on the side of the intolerant radical left. Perhaps being humbled by the courts, Marquette will reexamine its loyalties and rediscover its Catholic identity. (Wishful thinking, I know.)

In the meantime, congratulations to Professor McAdams on a highly-deserved victory!

A while back, I interviewed Professor McAdams about his situation. In light of today’s ruling, I thought it would be timely to repost that interview. Simply click play below to listen in or use this link.

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