The Triduum at Saint Stanislaus

Ancient prayers and ritual. Captivating beauty and mystery. Soft candle light and fragrant incense. Holy Week at Saint Stanislaus. There’s nothing like it. The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest offered the liturgies of the Triduum according to the Missal of Pope Saint Pius V. (Pope Pius XII reformed this missal in 1955, simplifying a number of the ancient rites.) Saint Stanislaus, with its stunning interior renovation and restoration work nearly complete, was the perfect setting for the Triduum.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful photos from these solemn, grace-filled days. Many thanks to Patrick for his excellent work capturing the Triduum and for giving us permission to use these shots.

Happy Easter! Christus resurrexit!

The Blessed Sacrament is carried in solemn procession to the Altar of Repose.
Holy Thursday at the Altar of Repose. After Mass, the Blessed Sacrament is reposed here for the night. The altar is decorated to call to mind the Garden of Gethsemane.
Good Friday.
The Gospel is chanted on Good Friday.
Adoration of the Cross, Good Friday.
The Blessed Sacrament is carried from the Altar of Repose to the main altar.
The blessing of the fire before the Easter Vigil Mass.
The procession with the triple-branched candle begins.
Blessing of the water at the baptismal font.
The Easter Candle is placed in the water of the baptismal font three times during the rite.
Elevation of the chalice.
Easter Sunday Mass.