Cream City Catholic is primarily an ideas site, but we also have a small shop with some pretty cool things to snatch up. As Christmas approaches, be sure to check out our unique products.

Here’s what you’ll find.

Cards featuring sketches of Milwaukee’s historic Catholic churches: These cards are blank on the inside, making them quite versatile. They’ve been popular items in the shop.

Cream City Catholic poster: This truly unique poster features a panorama of our most recognizable steeples. Spruce up that bare wall at your home or office with this amazing wall art.

Cream City Catholic gear: A recent addition to our shop, pick up a sleek black teeshirt (long or shirtsleeve), featuring the CCC logo.

Merino wool hand-knit cap: We like getting behind local ventures, especially when Catholics are at the helm. These hats are hand-knitted by a Milwaukee native and Catholic. The style is modeled after wool Monmouth caps of the late 18th century in America. Popular among sea and tradesmen of the colonial era for its functionality, this is a new item at the CCC shop that’s sure to be popular in the 21st century.

* The hats are custom-made (you’ll send in your measurements) so each order will take a few weeks for our industrious young knitter to crank out. 

Cream City Catholic mugs. These cold Wisconsin months are the best time of year for piping hot drinks, and what better home for that steaming libation than a striking mug like this? Choose from a number of familiar local church steeples. (Saint Stanislaus is featured here.)

Old Saint Mary