A while ago, I wrote an article on the excellent series of DVDs put out by CCC of America. I describe how watching these stories about the Saints with my little daughter had a profound effect on me, despite being geared towards children. It occurred to me that, as a convert, these stories were really my first introduction to the Saints. And so my journey with the Saints began. I wrote,

The more videos I watch, the more I find myself yearning for that child-like understanding of the Faith. Complex issues, world issues, tragedies, all seem to make sense through the lens of the Saints and their struggles. I think sometimes we all need to allow ourselves back to that place where things were so clearly solved by faith in God and His will for us on earth. Perhaps I am the lucky one to be discovering these treasures for the first time now – it has reached me through an untainted, un-jaded channel directly to the soul. As silly as it may sound, these videos have reached me in such a deep way it is almost hard to explain with words.

Of course, I always knew generally of the Saints, but never really delved into their stories. What depth I was missing! I began with the Saints who were patrons of curious things and read about their lives. There were a few that stood out: Saint Joseph, Saint Michael and Saint Jude.

These stories really stuck with me, especially during recent trying times. St. Joseph’s steadfast family dedication, St. Michael’s protection from evil and St. Jude for hopelessness. For the first time in my life, I found myself praying for their intercession. I wonder how this could have been missing from my life for so long and how many other Catholics out there are missing out on this treasure?

When the iPhone was first released the catch phrase was, “There’s an app for that.” Well, as it turns out, for 2,000+ years as Catholics, we’ve have had “a saint for that.”

Having throat troubles? You’ve got Saint Blaise.

Saint Blaise

Mothers? How about Saint Monica, Saint Anne or Saint Gianna.

Saint Gianna

Eye problems? Check out Saint Lucy.

Saint Lucy

Lose your keys? Ask Saint Anthony to help you find them.

Saint Anthony

A nagging headache? Check in with Saint Rita.

Saint Rita

Anxious cooks? Send up a prayer to Saint Lawrence.

Saint Lawrence

Even lawyers get a Saint in Saint Thomas More!

The list goes on and on.

The Saints show us that there are so many unique ways for us to serve God, and that all our personal crosses are (perhaps untapped) conduits to heaven.

The example of the Saints encourages us to follow in their same footsteps and to experience the joy of those who trust in God, for the one true cause of sorrow and unhappiness for men and women is to live far from him.

Pope Benedict XVI, 2006 Homily