With the recent news of the upcoming demolition of a beautiful Milwaukee landmark, St. Francis Chapel, what really strikes me about St. Stanislaus is that, as stunning as the restoration has been over the last several years, it is only made possible because of the burgeoning community – and of course, the community at St. Stanislaus is so strong because of the strength provided by the Lord through an incredible Liturgy.

My point is that in a time when, on the whole, the number of practicing Catholics is in steep decline, beautiful buildings alone are not what make a strong Catholic community.

If you’ve never been to St. Stanislaus for the traditional Latin Mass, take the time to visit on a Sunday morning, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy our latest video detailing the installation of the gorgeous finished copper towers and gilded crosses.

Here is an excerpt from the song you hear throughout the video, translated from Polish: “In your arms, take me; by the cross, give me strength. Into the book of life, write me; into your glory, accept me willingly.”

Music Credit: De Profundis, Niepojęta Trójco, Dominikański Ośrodek Liturgiczny & Dawid Kusz OP