We want to let our readers know about a new YouTube channel put together by Dominican seminarians in Fribourg. This channel is unique in that it actually teaches people to sing Gregorian chant. Each video is performed as neutrally as possible in a beautiful architectural setting, and in the description there is a link to the PDF of the sheet music with words in Latin. Also, this service is unique because they post one video a week, following the liturgical calendar of the year.

For example, the introït or entering antiphon “Ad te levavi”— which is used during Advent — was put up this week. The famous “O” antiphons for the final week of Advent will come up during Advent. That way communities can learn the music in context. And for those of us learning alone, following this channel is an effective form of prayer tied to the cycle of the liturgical year

Subscribe now and be sure to click the bell to receive notifications in order to follow the brothers as they go through the liturgical year that starts today! 

Boosting the number of subscribers also shows their superiors in the Order that people really are passionate about Gregorian chant. As elsewhere in the church, there is an unfortunate generation gap between those who love tradition and those who love Peter Paul and Mary. Let’s show them what side we are on!