Easter Sunday Masses in the parish parking lot went off without hitch today at Saint Stanislaus. It was a beautiful and certainly unprecedented Easter experience for priests and parishioners. (As soon as the Archbishop gave the green light for the outdoor Masses just days ago, the parish immediately began planning for today.) No surprise that the Masses were very well attended. It was an answer to prayers. Here are some shots from the morning. Many thanks to the priests of Saint Stanislaus, and to all those who worked hard to make this a reality.

Weeks ago, when Catholics were first informed that public Masses were suspended due to COVID-19, many of us couldn’t believe that no other options were out there. We knew alternatives were possible, they just required a little extra thought and effort. And for something as necessary as the liturgy and sacramental life, isn’t the effort well worth it? So many venues and stores remained open, but our churches were closed. Public Masses were cancelled. It didn’t make sense. There had to be a better way. Outdoor/parking lot Masses are the answer in this current situation. We don’t have to “shut it all down” and simply wait for the storm to pass. It’s precisely during the storm of a pandemic that we need the graces of Christ which flow from the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church!

Hopefully, we can return to the interiors of our churches soon, but until then let’s keep this trend going!