Taking Church Home

We wanted to alert our readers to a little peptalk that has been made available online by Saint Dominic Parish in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 

As part of a parish mission, Saint Dominic‘s formation team asked Nan and Clarke Ross to come and speak about family life: how to raise a Catholic family and keep kids in the faith even after they leave home. 

They asked the right people! 

Nan and Clarke have been married for over 47 years. They have eight children, and are expecting their 27th and 28th grandchildren in just a few months, God willing.

When the coronavirus shut down the world, the formation team at the parish asked Nan and Clarke whether they could make a video of their presentation. With the help of one of the editors of Cream City Catholic, they did. 

This gives us all the opportunity to see a presentation which would otherwise have been available to just a few hundred people in a school auditorium on Capital Drive.

It’s a real upside of the corona-crisis, because this speech is full of home truths and unpretentious wisdom — and it comes from two people who have earned the right to speak on their subject. 

We suggest you watch “Taking Church Home“ with Nan and Clarke Ross and pass it along to as many friends as you can:

Today more than ever, we need encouragement; we need real examples who show that raising a Catholic family is possible, even now. Nan and Clarke give that example, and they demonstrate that choosing life and family has been a radical choice in America for many decades already. The fact that they have come through — and now, as they enter old age, are surrounded by a flock of Catholic children and grandchildren — is a lesson we all need to hear.

“A wise son hears his father’s instruction!” (Proverbs 13:1)

Photo credit:  www.stdominic.net