Photo credit: AP Photo

Photo credit: AP Photo

For all the conjecture the main-stream media comes out with when Pope Francis opens his mouth, you most certainly won’t read about this in the NY Times.

Archbishop Marchetto, a post-Vatican II critic, wrote The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: A Counterpoint for the History of the Council in which he characterizes the current manifestation of the Second Vatican Council as a “Copernican revolution” and a transformation to “another Catholicism”. He has been a consistent critic of the Bologna School which specializes in the history of the Second Vatican Council. The Bologna School subscribes to the hermeneutic of rupture, with a pre-Conciliar and post-Conciliar period. This is what we are experiencing today and what has led to a dilution of the Liturgy. In contrast, Archbishop Marchetto, Pope Benedict XVI, and many other well respected theologians, subscribe to the hermeneutic of continuity, in which the Church must evolve while maintaining continuity with what has come before.

Pope Francis authored a bombshell letter to Archibishop Marchetto aligning himself with the hermeneutic of continuity. In this letter Pope Francis writes:

I once told you, dear Abp. Marchetto, and I wish to repeat it today, that I consider you to be the best interpreter [ermeneuta] of the Second Vatican Council

Of course, this is fantastic news and it gives me great hope that this palpable movement towards the rich, substantive Catholicism we are yearning for may be upon us soon.

Read the full letter to Archbishop Marchetto here.

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