Archbishop Ganswein with Pope Francis

Archbishop Ganswein with Pope Francis

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the current Prefect of the Papal Household and Personal Secretary to Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI, recently stated that Pope Francis will not be the media’s “darling” forever. How right he was. I came across this steaming mad article in The Daily Beast. The author, Amanda Marcotte, is pretty upset that Pope Francis recently told married couples to (get this) have children! Instead of having children, the Pope said, many married couples today tend to think,

“It might be better — more comfortable — to have a dog, two cats, and the love goes to the two cats and the dog. Is this true or not? Have you seen it?”

The nerve!

The frustration and disappointment from Marcotte is palpable.

Pope Francis came into office on a wave of hope that finally the world would have a progressive pope instead of the string of throwbacks with retrograde ideas who had come before. He’s since then been busy dashing those hopes, one speech at a time, demonstrating that he has zero intention of actually bothering to learn about people’s real lives and needs before telling them how to live their lives. Now he’s moved on to picking on childless couples, with a little extra shade thrown at pet ownership. Oh goody, just in time for Adopt-A-Cat Month.

“zero intention of actually bothering to learn about people’s real lives and needs…”

Really? Even non-Catholics will recognize how insane, nasty and out-of-touch that statement is. This is the same man who spent his entire adult life venturing out into the slums to minister to the poorest of the poor in Buenos Aires. Since becoming Pope, he’s done as much as he can to call attention to the needs of the poor and forgotten. And he’s being accused of not bothering to learn about people’s needs?? That’s desperation for you.

Honeymoon’s over.