Last week I was fortunate enough to travel to Mendoza, Argentina and got the opportunity to speak to some of the locals regarding Catholicism in their country. While their country is 76.5% Catholic, the people tell a different story. I asked at least 10 of the locals that identified themselves as Catholics (a very small sample size) two questions: What do you think of Pope Francis? and Do people practice their Faith? Hardly scientific and purely anecdotal, but I found their answers intriguing considering this is the country our Pope hails from.

To the first question every answer conveyed a sentiment of gladness that the Church was “modernizing” through Pope Francis’ direction.

To the second question, most responded that they do not practice their Faith and went on to say most people do not go to Mass.

In all fairness, this could very well be related to the fact that I was talking to people that represent a certain demographic in Argentina; tech and wealth. Whether it is representative or not, I think it would be worth exploring the history and heritage of the man who is now our Pope to better understand his operations today. I don’t doubt his divinely guided path, but I do think his approach lends itself to confusion, misunderstanding and media frenzy.

On a much more cheerful note, the people, the culture, the landscape…. simply incredible. Well, see for yourself!