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From time to time, I pay a visit to the Milwaukee Catholic Herald for updates in the archdiocese. While checking in recently, one report stood out. I didn’t think the Stations of the Cross was a gender specific devotional practice but apparently I was wrong. The name for the event, Stations of the Cross for Women of All Faiths, reads like a parody, but it’s the real deal. Now, details are vague on what actually happens at Stations of the Cross for Women of All Faiths and I still don’t know how praying the Stations of the Cross is supposed to resonate with Muslims or Buddhists, but I guess anything is possible.

When we try to tweak long-held practices with aimless multiculturalism in order to appear relevant or “with it” we end up losing sight of the basics and coming across as silly and desperate. Forcing political correctness upon our traditions should be getting old by now. Let’s expect more.