Ah…Wisconsin weather. Given our long winters, the expression “nice weather” in March and April is a relative one. Even though it’s still pretty cool in Milwaukee, with temperatures in the 50s and (if we’re lucky) 60s, locals are nonetheless thrilled that the frigid cold is gone. Floridians would look askance at our giddy enthusiasm for sunny skies in the 50s. But look around. As spring returns, you’ve no doubt already noticed sun-starved locals all over town emerging from the houses, pubs and cafes that provided shelter from the wind and snow and into the healing sunlight.

If you’re as bad at dealing with the cold as I, you couldn’t be happier at this time of year as we stand on the threshold of May. Thankfully, there are lots of paths to stroll in the city to take advantage of the long-overdue sun and warmth. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the lesser-known walking trails in the city. I recently was shown a wonderful, tranquil path for walking, reflection and conversation very close to home. Located right next to Hansen Golf Course in Wauwatosa, the gravel path of this trail makes a huge loop around a large, manmade reservoir. Several years ago, dense trees and tennis courts were cleared from this area to make room for the reservoir and the trail emerged only recently.

It’s an austere trail, as the pictures reveal. You’re not going to get grand natural vistas or beautiful architecture lining this trail, but what I’ve come to appreciate about it is its simplicity and how quiet and peaceful it is. Usually, there’s only a handful of walkers or joggers sharing the trail with you. There are no cars or loud busses zooming past you, or large crowds to dodge. Give it a try as the weather heats up.

If you’ve already been to this trail, feel free to share your thoughts about it, and let us know about other local walking trails that are worth checking out!