You don’t have to look hard to find a Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee. But what about an authentic Mexican restaurant that takes you beyond the old clichés? That might take a little more investigating. Well, I’ll save you the trial and error time. Heat to Cempazuchi. It’s not hard to find. If you’re on Brady Street, you’re there. I’ve talked to Mexicans in the city and they’ve told me that, if you want the real deal, avoid the South Side and check out Cempazuchi. (Riviera Maya is another good spot.)

On this cold Sunday afternoon, I popped into Cempazuchi to satisfy some afternoon hunger pangs and was not disappointed. The burritos and chicken fajitas were exceptional and the atmosphere, as you can see, was perfect. The vibrant colors and music bring Latin America to Brady Street. In the middle of a cold and gray winter, a stop at Cempazuchi will lift your spirit and satisfy your appetite. Give it a try.

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Chicken fajita



Chicken burrito, rice and beans