I’ve been going to The Knick on 1030 E. Juneau Avenue for breakfast and dinner quite a bit lately. If you have not been there, you should give it a try. In the warm summer months, sit outside on the breezy patio. You’ll probably notice a few sailboats in the distance gliding along Lake Michigan, and you’ll definitely see an army of runners taking to Prospect Avenue for their morning jog. The Knick has a fun, spacious interior, with numerous Chihuly glass sculptures serving as colorful chandeliers. The food is simple, a lot of standard American fare with a few surprises, but it’s always excellent. Some recommendations: the grilled chicken pita is my favorite selection for dinner and lunch, but they also have an impressive array of salads. The grilled salmon salad is outstanding and filling. For breakfast or brunch, try the Polish sausage with eggs, or the crab hash.

Simple and satisfying. I haven’t been disappointed yet, so I suspect that whatever you order at The Knick will make you quite happy.