The Hunt


John is the master hunter curating our adventure

License – check. Warm clothes – check. Blaze orange – check. Rifle and ammo – check. The alarm clock is set and I force my eyes closed knowing the morning will come so much sooner than when my watch says it will. Sure enough it’s here already. Breakfast and coffee never tasted as good as at 3AM before the hunt. The truck is loaded up with gear and we head west for a several hour trek to our favorite hunting area.

Inhale the cold fresh air and let it penetrate your lungs to their untouched depths. The hike to the perfect spot warms the entire body and sweat forms only to bite you in a few hours when all is still.

Hunting is an interesting sport. It takes patience, a form of suffering (cold) and in my experience, is often without the reward of a deer. It is not without other rewards though. The process, toughing it out, the beauty of the woods, exhaustion are all participation rewards. Life can feel this way too. If one is so fixated on a single goal one might miss all the other blessings along the way. As for me, I am content with the process. Anything else is just a bonus. Enjoy!