You have a dilemma. A large, bare wall in your home (or office) is crying out for help. But what to put up? Whatever it is should be attractive and unique, something subtle, yet meaningful and classy. If you appreciate fine art and love Milwaukee, we have the answer. Take a look at the Cream City Catholic poster.

Arranged in a graceful row are the steeples and domes of eleven historic local Catholic churches.

20160307_071919-1From left to right: Saint Patrick, the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Michael, Saint Casimir, Old Saint Mary, the Basilica of Saint Josaphat, the Oratory of Saint Stanislaus, Old Saint Anthony, Immaculate Conception, Saint Hedwig, and finally, the cupola of Saint Francis de Sales Seminary. Under the name of each church is the year of its establishment.

In cities around the world, church steeples add dignity and elegance to the skyline. In our fast-paced world that emphasizes change to a fault, steeples also serve as reminders of our perennial spiritual heritage. Here in Milwaukee, we have numerous church steeples that have pierced the sky for over a century. You see them as you drive around the city, often on the freeway at 60+ mph. This poster allows you to take them in side-by-side from the comfort of your home.

The original sketches of the individual churches were carefully executed by local artist, Mary Ann Berry. Each sketch was then arranged by graphic artists to create this unique panorama. The detail in each steeple is amazing. The poster reminds us that the Catholic faith has deep roots in our beloved city, and it urges us to continuously water those roots with renewed devotion each day. This is our heritage and we need to preserve it!

Beauty is a powerful means for evangelization. It lures and enthralls the soul, and reminds us of its ultimate Source: God Himself, the Artist and Author of all beauty. That message was a constant theme of Benedict XVI’s pontificate. This poster represents a simple, yet special way to advance that vision here in Milwaukee.

We just picked up a new batch of posters, so order yours today!

The poster is approximately 36″ x 12″.

*The most recent version of the poster is lighter, showing greater detail, and the “Est.” has been removed.