On September 24, Saint Stanislaus will celebrate its 150th anniversary. Here’s a rundown of the weekend’s schedule: On Saturday evening at 5:30, Archbishop Jerome Listecki will preside at benediction of the Blessed Sacrament with Te Deum, followed by a celebration in the parish hall. Bishop Joseph Perry will offer a Pontifical High Mass on Sunday at 10:00AM.

There’s ample reason to celebrate. The old Polish parish on Mitchell Street was experiencing a steep decline in the late ’90s and most likely would have closed its doors for good had not the Institute of Christ the King taken over care of the church in 2007. Today, this Cream City brick building, with its iconic twin steeples, is home to the beautiful and timeless traditional Latin Mass and a growing number of local Catholics. The parish is thriving as it did in its early days.

As we’ve catalogued here on numerous occasions, Saint Stanislaus is in the process of a stunning restoration project that is bringing back (and even improving upon) the original splendor of the building. The restored sanctuary, illuminated by two new stained-glass windows, is breathtaking. Dedicated artists from Conrad Schmitt Studios, armed with brushes and buckets of vibrant paint, dethroned the decades-long reign of beige in the apse. The restoration is a fitting project for the parish’s 150th anniversary.

If you plan to attend the festivities, give the parish rectory a call: (414) 226-5490. Bring friends. Share the tradition.