In all things liturgical, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison is a student of Benedict XVI and kindred spirit of Cardinal Robert Sarah. All three recognize the positive fruits that flow from wider access on the part of the faithful to the traditional Latin liturgy, and even from traditions associated with that liturgy.

Not long ago, Morlino encouraged his priests to offer Mass facing East (ad orientem), an ancient tradition which he himself has taken up. In making this request, he echoed the sentiments of the German pope emeritus and the Guinean cardinal who currently heads the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship. In a further development, Bishop Morlino just asked the priests in Madison to encourage the faithful to receive Communion while kneeling and on the tongue.

Father Richard Heilman, a priest of the Diocese of Madison, reports on his website:

A year ago, Bishop called for all tabernacles to be in church and in the center of the sanctuary. Last Fall, as part of the Bishop’s overall plan to add sacred beauty and reverence to all Masses in his diocese, Bishop Morlino encouraged all of his priests to strongly consider Cardinal Sarah’s call to offer the Mass ad orientem. Bishop Morlino then announced he would, from now on, be offering all of his Masses ad orientem.

Now, during last evening’s Chrism Mass, Bishop Morlino concluded his homily by appealing to all of his priests in his diocese to strongly encourage their parishioners to begin receiving Communion on the tongue while kneeling, beginning this September.

Good news.