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SS Peter & Paul – El Greco | Exemplary Brotherhood

I am not a “cradle Catholic”, and from an “outsiders” point of view, I have always wondered why there is so much Catholic infighting? Let’s dig into this a bit because I think it is at least a small part of the reason (true) Catholicism is on the decline.

First, why do some of us insist on breaking from over 2,000 years of tradition and teaching in the name of modernization? Why do the last 50 years of societal change demand that we become “relevant”? Have we not changed for millennia and we are only now evolving, prompting all the impetus for change? Is the Church’s role to follow or to lead in times of change? Formed by culture or forming culture? So many questions, but they all drive at what we are experiencing now, which is a pressure to change the fundamental definition of a Catholic person in modern society. Regardless of Church teaching on homosexuality, premarital sex, contraception, divorce, etc., we bicker over these topics as if they are concepts to be molded by popular opinion. What is our Catholic identity if we can’t agree on the tenets of our Faith?

Second, let’s say we agree on the above; what is there to fight about, right? Yeah, right. For some reason I feel like those that agree on the basics find other incredibly petty things to fight about as if we are all clawing at each other climbing the totem pole of Catholicism. This ranges from who is going to run the local parish bake sale to first dibs on a conversation with a Cardinal. Or the homily hounds who berate a priest after mass over a trivial detail. Are we all on the same side or not?

Keep in mind that our apostolic mission is greatly hindered by these transgressions. To an outsider there is nothing more unattractive than a bunch of biddies fighting with each other. Let’s all get on the same page and set aside the petty B.S., please.