Over  the past year, we’ve been providing you with numerous updates on the remarkable restoration work at Saint Stanislaus. Altars, windows, a baptismal font and flooring are some of the major elements of the work that have already been taken up. The results have been stunning.

Recently, the parish released photos showing progress on the altar rail, which is almost complete. It is being made in Italy, from Carrara marble and green onyx. If everything goes according to schedule, the beautiful rail should be installed in Saint Stanislaus by Easter. The marble angels above are going to flank the main altar. Check out these pictures of the work.


Altar rails serve a significant purpose in Catholic churches, as they remind us of the sacred space that distinguishes the sanctuary from the rest of the church. They also symbolize the gateway to heaven. Removing them from churches (which happened all too frequently) in the name of egalitarianism, openness and accessibility was a grave error in judgement on the part of pastors. Bringing back altar rails to our churches (and educating the faithful on their importance) is yet another bold example of how a true reform and restoration of our local church is possible. Restore beauty and tradition, coupled with solid formation, and you’ll see a dramatic change for the better at the parish level. If we think we can build anything stable and lasting on the shaky foundations of iconoclasm and minimalism, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment.


Amber altar rail in San Girolamo della Carita, Rome.